Voltage Optimisation Unit

Voltage Optimisation Unit

Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation

With the average voltage in Australia being 247V, chances are that your site or premises is receiving voltage that is higher than necessary. This results in paying more for energy than you actually need. This is where the Power Intelligence PIVO voltage optimisation (VO) system can be used to provide your site with a quality of power that increases energy efficiency and minimises power costs.

The importance of energy reduction within the business environment is such a crucial factor that the Australian Government has introduced the Energy Efficiency program through Low Carbon Australia (formerly Australian Carbon Trust), which provides finance and advice to businesses reviewing and investing towards energy efficiency retrofits. Under the Energy Efficiency Program, Low Carbon Australia works with business and government to develop tailored financial solutions for energy efficiency improvements*. On this note, Track Energy can also assist with a financial solution. A chattel mortgage or lease agreement can be arranged allowing tax deduction of interest and payment through the savings made. We will be pleased to discuss this option with you if this is of interest to your organisation.

The PIVO system literally offers case by case voltage optimisation (VO) and can be potentially installed within every building throughout Australia. To find out the potential energy efficiency savings available at your site, simply contact us for more information.

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