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Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Ask our staff how to pay back your clean home energy solution in no time by integrating your home battery solution with the VPP network.

How does a VPP work?

With an exisiting Battery System or a Track Energy Home Energy Solution, you can participate in Australia’s Virtual Power Plant platform.

This allows you to charge your Home Batteries with your Home Solar and when power on the grid is at its most expensive you can sell it at a much higher rate than normal.

This increased income from your VPP further enhance your return on investment of your Track Energy Home Energy solution.


Sell Power at Premium Prices

Powered by the solar system and stored in your home battery, the VPP determines the optimal time to sell the stored energy back to the grid at premium prices.

Improve your ROI

Increase the income you recieve from your Track Energy Home Energy solution and improve your pay back. 

You can become a member with your exisiting storage system

Whether you already have an exisiting Home Storage system or looking to add one to your existing Solar System, you can become a member and start recieving income from helping stabalise the energy network

Become Part of the VPP Network and Save

In times that the electricity grid has challenges, the VPP platform uses your Home Batteries to help prop up and stablise the area effected. For this, you as a member of the platform are paid for the power used out of your battery.
Join The VPP

Maximise Your

Home Energy Solution

You can get involved right now. Whether you have had solar and storage for a while, or are just starting to look at investing in a solar and battery storage, the VPP Platform  can work for you.





solar feed-in tariff 25c/kWh

Be Part of the VPP community

Virtual Power Plant; Maximising your Home Energy Solution

Track energy’s Virtual Power Plant is an excellent way to maximise your home energy solution. We have been supplying South Australians with solar for over 10 years. The owner’s, Kevin Parker, experience and passion for sustainable energy is the driving force of our company. This drive and passion have led us to create reliable solar systems that stand the test of time. Our systems are also tailored to each customer, as we understand that there are no one-size-fits-all systems. Track Energy is fully qualified by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) to install and design solar and battery systems. We are also an approved retailer by CEC. As such, you can relax knowing that you are working with professionals.

Improve your ROI with our Virtual Power Plant

Of the many functions of the Virtual Power Plant (VPP), the primary goal is to network distributed energy resources to monitor, forecast, optimise, and trade power. The VPP is straightforward. With an existing battery system or Track Energy Home Energy Solution, you can participate in our VPP. All you need to do is charge your home batteries with your home solar. You can then sell the power at a higher rate when the power on the grid is most expensive. The VPP makes this easy by determining the best time to sell the stored energy back to the grid at premium prices. The income from the VPP improves your Return on Investment, allowing you to reduce your power bills significantly. If you feel that you do not have enough capital to begin this investment, worry no more. Track Energy has partnered with green loan providers that allow you to purchase and install a solar system without paying anything upfront.

Be Part of our Virtual Power Plant

When an electricity grid has challenges, the Virtual Power Plant platform helps stabilise the affected area. As a member of the platform, you are paid for the power used from your battery. Track Energy has helped countless people take control of their power management. That’s how we’ve received an average 4.5-star rating and numerous positive reviews, including;

“Kev came across more as a fellow solar enthusiast than a salesman. He took the time to answer my technical questions with intelligent answers rather than the marketing material I had already read. He got on the roof and checked the space, optimised the design and recommended a better system than I had wanted/expected. The install is neat and tidy and hasn’t caused any leaks or damage. Now going strong for 10 months and very happy with the whole process. Based on my experience I would recommend Track Energy for residential solar installs.” – Paul.

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