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Scarpantoni Estate & Oxenberry Farm Wines

Track Energy has implemented a number of energy efficient measures for Scarpantoni Estate & Oxenberry Farm Wines to reduce their carbon foot print and decrease their reliance of fossil fuels. These measures include the installation of two 30kW PV solar systems combined with an update to their high bay factory lighting and replacement of fluorescent tube to LED tubes for the offices and work areas.


30kW PV Solar System for Each Site
The installation of the Solar PV systems is the cornerstone of the project, producing almost 50% of the power requirements of the facilities. This allows the company to reduce its overall reliance on fossil fuel electricity and reduce its overheads. Additionally this enables this proportion to be a fixed cost for 50% of its annual electricity usage for the life of the project which is projected out over 20 years.


Efficient Lighting Solution
Modification to the lighting systems has been carried out to allow for the use of improved efficiency high bay induction lights and LED lights. This has resulted in a huge efficiency gains.


Understanding Energy Usage brought by Information
As part of the project implementation a monitoring system has been installed allowing them to monitor their electricity use more closely and understand how and when they are consuming power. This results in a change of practice which could realise further savings. The monitoring system is available remotely via a web interface over the internet.

By investing in renewable energy generation and by implementing energy efficient equipment and lighting, Scarpantoni Estate & Oxenberry Farm Wines are now be able to reduce an ever increasing energy overhead. This has gained the ability to understand their energy costs in the future and may allow some long term strategic modeling based on a large percentage of known fixed cost for energy. This allows for a more cost effective organisation which can focus on future expansion at reduce operating costs further resulting in a more competitive edge.