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PV Solar Brands


SMA - German Solar TechnologyHarness the energy of the sun – with a solar inverter from SMA.

As market leader for solar inverters SMA is setting benchmarks again and again: leading-edge efficiencies of 98 % and new technology ensures maximum yields and the highest user convenience.

We offer you the right device for each application: for all module types, for grid-connection and feeding into stand-alone grids, for small house systems and commercial systems in the Megawatt range.


Bosch Solar

Bosch Solar

With close to 3,000 employees and a head office in Erfurt, Germany, Solar Energy is currently the newest business division in the Bosch Group. From solar cells and modules to complete solar power plants, Bosch Solar Energy offers high-grade photovoltaic products to generate electricity from sunlight, thus helping to protect the environment and combat climate change. To do so, we consistently focus on product quality.

Bosch Solar Energy supplies first-class solar cells and modules with high annual yields, even under sub-optimal levels of sunlight. The fundamental basis for such efficient operation consists of state-of-the-art production equipment and highly effective processes. Since 2009, Bosch have also been constructing turn-key solar power plants to order, which feature fully developed technologies with corresponding operating efficiency. This Bosch can guarantee thanks to optimally matched components. As a system provider, Bosch plan to offer you in the mid-term all components required to build a photovoltaic power plant and thus supply everything you need from a single source: Bosch.
Bosch Solar Cell
Bosch Solar Energy is not only a reliable partner. It pledges to ensure an exceptional price/performance ratio and delivers products of truly outstanding quality. Bosch product portfolio reflects their ability and know how – and covers every single stage of the value added chain for photovoltaic products.

Trina Solar

Trina Solar - The Power Behaind the PanelTrina panels have proven their superior energy performance in independent tests around the world. Their new 10-year product warranty and the 25-year linear performance warranty provide additional assurance. Choosing Trina Solar isn’t just a quality purchase; it’s a sound investment.

A solar panel’s quality rests on its ability to adapt to any environment and to resist any kind of stress. These factors determine the reliability of a panel and influence the amount of electricity a panel generates over its lifetime.

Trina Solar has decided to go one step further and to push their product testing beyond international standards. Along these lines, they have
Trina Solar Panel Performancedeveloped their own testing facility called the Center for Excellence, where they test their panels to guarantee their performance. These tests include environmental tests, product certification
processes and material reliability tests, as well as tests on their materials and components to understand how they change over time. These tests allow Trina to confidently offer industry-leading warranty on all of Trina panels.



Delta Solivia

Delta solivia InvertersDelta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH develops, manufactures and markets worldwide, innovative customized and standard power supplies for the solar industry.

The SOLIVIA solar inverters for the Australian market offer output power from 2.5 kW up to 250 kW and exciting and innovative SOLIVIA features, that make our customers’ lives easier.

Wide temperature range – State-of-the-art user-friendly display – Versatile positive or negative DC grounding – Cost benefit – Simple handling – For indoor and outdoor usage


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