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  • Energy Consultancy Services
  • Energy Monitoring and Management
  • LED Lighting Solutions
  • Solar Power Systems – Consultation and Design
  • Specialise in Micro AC Inverter Systems
  • Solar Carport Integrated Solutions
  • Energy Brokering
  • Voltage Optimisation Units


PV Solar Systems

Helpful guide to purchasing PV Solar

Solar electricity has become a viable alternative household and business power solution. Using Solar Panels installed in the appropriate location to produce photovoltaic (PV) energy can provide enough energy to power your needs and feed to the existing electricity power grid so you get paid for the power you generate.

PV Solar System Solutions

Did you know there are many advantages of going solar. Now is the ideal time to make a difference to the environment (and your pocket) by installing a Grid connected solar system.

Once your initial investment is paid for then energy you produce is FREE. Excess that you do not use is Exported back into the Grid and your electrical retailer will then pay you for the power.

All this from a virtually free power source, the Sun.

The Environmental benefits of going solar are huge. During the life your solar system which is 25 years plus you will be harnessing clean energy from the sun. That means an overall reduction of your Carbon foot print. At the same time you will be reducing or abolishing you electricity bill completely.

As Electricity suppliers are gearing up for their prices rises you will have peace of mind knowing you are in control of your own energy costs.

So it’s simple Help the Environment and reduce your costs it makes dollars and sense.

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LED Lighting

LED Lighting Solutions

LED is fast becoming the standard in lighting solutions for home and business. As LED are extremely more efficient (up to 80% savings) and longer lasting, its the perfect replacement for the fluorescent and incandescent lights.

Below is a list of benefits of LED lighting:

Long Lasting – LED Tubes are rated to last 30,000 hours on average

Energy Efficient – Up to  80% more efficient than existing incandescent lights

Environmentally Friendly – LED lights are toxic free, most conventional fluorescent lighting contains hazardous materials like mercury

Instant Brightness – LEDs are at their brightest immediately. In contrast other types of lighting take up to 5 minutes to achieve their maximum light output

Frequent Switching – LED lights can be continually switched on and off without any detrimental effect to their life span or light emission. Traditional lighting types drastically loses life span when switched on and off frequently

Safety – LED lights operate at much lower voltage giving out much less heat reducing fire hazards

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Carport Solar Solutions

Schletter SolarPark

Ideal for areas where space is lacking for a ground or roof mount PV solar system, the Park@Sol Carport system creates a shaded parking spot while generating solar power.

The Park@Sol offers another PV mounting option for residential buildings if roofing structure has greatly deteriorated or solar panel placement is not optimal. Perfect for use at a home without a garage, or when additional covered parking is needed.

The Park@Sol’s modular design allows for customizable layouts in singe or double row parking. Imagine, no on-site welding for solar carports that are architecturally pleasing to the eye. Up-and-running at Schletter headquarters is a semi-automated 5-Axis CNC milling and cutting center offering the most advanced fabrication techniques available in the industry.

Intricate milling and cutting allows for detailed designs, streamlined appearance and ease-of-installation of the Park@Sol.

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Solar Monitoring Systems

Your solar system must produce power reliably so that your investment pays off for you.

You will only profit from the power you have actually produced. But do you know whether your system is truly providing maximum power? Do you check your meter regularly, even after many years? And what happens when you‘re on holiday?

With the automatic Solar-Log™ monitoring system, you now easily have the full overview of the whole system status, as well as over all the relevant data, especially your yield.

If you want, you can even use your iPhone to check your system at any time and from anywhere in the world.

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Voltage Optimisation Unit

Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation

Standards Australia issued AS 60038 in 2000 with 230V as the nominal voltage with +10% and -6% range. Some states in Australia have been slow to adopt the new 230V as standard, whereby they still mandate 240V +/-6% voltage range*.

Consequently, the average voltage across Australia is approximately 247V, being at the higher end of the statutory supply range of (216V – 253V), resulting in higher than necessary voltages at sites across Australia. This not only compromises optimum performance of electrical equipment, but also limits the potential energy savings per site.

Power Intelligence Voltage Optimisation overcomes the excess voltage issue by utilising a highly efficient PIVO 3 phase transformer, which reduces the incoming voltage from the higher levels currently used for distribution down to the design characteristics of the operating equipment (220 – 230V single phase). By doing so, the losses within the operating equipment will be reduced and the equipment operates at peak energy efficiency. Meaning, voltage optimisation will reduce the carbon footprint of energy consumption to suit minimum and maximum site demands whilst extending the life cycle of your electrical equipment. Typically achieved energy savings will range from 2% for every 1% voltage reduction.

The Power Intelligence PIVO 3 Phase Transformer Voltage Optimisation system employs an ultra-high efficient design, whereby each system is custom designed to service the needs of an individual site. This ensures each site receives optimum power quality with maximum returns on power, energy and carbon footprint savings. From our experience, on an average the potential electrical equipment power savings can be between 8% – 16%, however, savings greater than 20% has also been achieved.

*Australasian Power Technologies Publications, Industrial Electrix, 1st Quarter Jan Mar 2011, Voltage & Electrical Equipment Misalignment, pgs 12 – 15.

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