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Large or small, (even single phase), manufacturers or users, integrating Maxeff motors technology in units will help you beat the competition in manufacturing cost and motorised unit performances!

With power factor and inrush current problems solved, you save the cost of additional electronic devices and their maintenance budget. Translates to real $$$ savings on your operating costs.

MechanicalOptimum Efficiency At All Loads

  • Smaller wiring. Smaller breaker
  • Smaller motor Starters
  • Electronic soft start built in
  • Smaller electrical panels
  • Much lower demands (KVA)
  • Starting inrush current = 1.5 x IN
  • No grid loses. *No KVAR lose
  • Don’t need power factor correction
  • Will correct your plant PF
  • Will start on smaller sized generator
  • Turn it off when it is unloaded
  • It can start as many times as needed

Life Cycle




Achieve your financial targets while improving your ecological footprint. With a payback of ranging from 9 – 18 months and an energy saving of up to 30%.

MaxEff motors have mechanical and electrical soft start by design without electronics improving wear and tear and reliability.

Q & A

How does it work?
We have integrated a generator winding inside the motor to transform magnetic losses into usable energy.

How often can I start my motor?
Stop it when you don’t need it and restart it as much as you need!

How is the torque affected in my motor?
Same torque characteristics.

Is it as reliable as a standard motor?
More reliability, improved life span, less maintenance, less heat, less vibration, less noise.

Is it easy to switch to Maxeff?
Yes, our motors comply with market standards and they are built according to your needs and can fit your existing installations.

What is power factor (PF)?
The effectiveness of the use of the grid power. Standard motors waste at least 20% or more; MAXEFF wastes 0%.

Are there electronics in Maxeff?

Is there any other motor like MAXEFF?
MAXEFF motors are often compared to premium efficiency motors combined with electronic devices. Maxeff does not use any electronic devices to achieve these same results, thus you don’t need to buy these devices nor maintain them.

Load Comparison

GeoMaxxES, represent manufacturers who are committed to research and development of innovative products, engineered with the end user in mind to improve efficiency and reliability. Our success comes from our ability to build relationships with the end users, understand their needs and advocate to manufacturers on their behalf. Through scale of economies we can keep prices and deliver times down. Our ability to work with manufacturing engineers means products drop in place and require minimal modifications to existing equipment or infrastructure to fit and run for further saving. Quality exceeds OEM standards for material and construction and we stand by everything we deliver. By providing responsive customer support, you can expect supreme service.

Specializing in:
• Maxxeff Energy Saving Motors
• Rewind & Retro fit Motors
• Pumps/Pump Parts
• Mechanical Seals
• Mechanical packing
• Pump/Sealing Technology

Industries we Serve:
• oil and gas
• power generation
• chemical processing
• food and beverage
• municipal water and waste water
• mining and minerals
• pharmaceuticals
• manufacturing