LED Lighting Solutions

LED is fast becoming the standard in lighting solutions for home and business. As LED are extremely more efficient (up to 80% savings) and longer lasting, its the perfect replacement for the fluorescent and incandescent lights.

Below is a list of benefits of LED lighting:

Long Lasting – LED Tubes are rated to last 30,000 (3.4 years) hours on average

Energy Efficient – Up to 80% more efficient than existing incandescent lights

Environmentally Friendly – LED lights are toxic free, most conventional fluorescent lighting contains hazardous materials like mercury

Instant Brightness – LEDs are at their brightest immediately. In contrast other types of lighting take up to 5 minutes to achieve their maximum light output

Frequent Switching – LED lights can be continually switched on and off without any detrimental effect to their life span or light emission. Traditional lighting types drastically loses life span when switched on and off frequently

Safety – LED lights operate at much lower voltage giving out much less heat reducing fire hazards

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