Energy Monitoring and Management

Hundreds of leading public and private sector organisations are reducing costs and improving their environmental performance.

Our monitoring systems collects data on building performance from environmental sensors and existing sub-metering networks. It can integrate with building management systems and utility billing systems. Where automated information is not available, data can be manually uploaded.

Greensense DashboardGreensense View® displays the data using engaging dashboards that can be viewed on computers, mobile devices, kiosk displays or digital signs. Behind the dashboard, there’s access to a wealth of reports that can be used for management reporting and to identify new efficiency opportunities.

Armed with real-time data, you can instantly act on issues and opportunities to improve building sustainability.

  • Identify cost savings on base load and peak demand analysis
  • Find anomalies in real time – such as high night-time loads, water leaks or over-worked air con systems

Even if a building is designed with a range of great energy and water saving features, ultimately it’s the occupants that will determine whether it performs to its potential. Greensense View® bridges the gap between a building and the people that live and work in it.

  • Occupants see how their daily choices impact sustainability
  • Dashboard provides regular tips for reducing consumption
  • Competition module motivates behaviour change

Greensense DataMany organisations invest in worthy green initiatives – solar, lighting upgrades, geothermal and more – but then miss out on the realising the full value by having no way to tell the story. By providing organisations with the data and tools to communicate sustainability performance.

  • Track accumulated costs, energy and emissions savings on investments
  • Use interactive touch screens on site, or embedded dashboard into company website to communicate sustainability stories to stake holders.

Power monitoring is all about sharing sustainability data in a way that stakeholders find engaging, relevant and actionable. There are many different audiences interested in building sustainability performance – executives, sustainability teams, facilities managers and the people that use the building every day. Whether the dashboard is displayed on a monitor, digital signs or kiosk display boards, Track Energy’s solutions allow your energy monitoring system to talk to stakeholders in ways that will resonate.

Talk to us as Track Energy about how we can help your business become more sustainable.