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Our approach is to educate and collaborate with your ideas and together with our expertise we will create the perfect clean energy solution for your home. Give us a call to discuss your energy project and see how we can help you become energy independant


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45c Solar Feed-in-Tariff

Whether you have solar and storage or would like to add a battery system to your existing solar or maybe starting from scratch with a new Home Energy Solution, Track Energy can offer a 45c Solar Feed-in-Tariff with qualified systems when joined to the VPP platform.

Contact us on 08 8118 0186 to find out more.

Home Energy

We provide Home Energy solutions that are tailored to each and every customer. We have helped many South Australians eliminate their power costs and even created a revenue stream from the total home energy system provided by Track Energy.

Battery Systems

With electricity still at an all time high, battery systems are the best solution to capture that excess power your solar system generates and uses it to stablise the grid on the VPP Platform generating a revenue while you sleep.

Virtual Power Plant

With an exisiting Battery System or a Track Energy Home Energy Solution, you can participate in Australia’s Virtual Power Plant platform.

Commercial Energy Solutions

Ever-rising energy costs have significant impact on businesses bottom line. A roof-mounted solar system with a Battery connected to the VPP network and help future-proof your business and keep sustainable.

Building Integrated Solar

Ideal for areas where space is lacking for a ground or roof mount PV solar system, the Building Integrated PV Solar (BIPV) Solution for verandahs and carports creates a shaded parking spot or entertaining area while generating solar power.

Green Finance

Track Energy Partners with green loan providers that can offer a lower interest rate than traditional personal loans or credit cards, and with terms of up to 7 years, offer affordable repayments to help more homeowners access the benefits of clean energy technology.