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Alpha ESS Battery

Alpha ESS Battery; the Economical Choice

The Alpha ESS battery is among the most flexible solutions for your energy storage needs. Track Energy is a local company dedicated to helping you invest in the right solar and storage solutions for your home or business. With over ten years of experience, you can trust Track Energy to provide reliable systems that will stand the test of time. We are fully qualified by the Clean Energy Council to install and design solar and battery systems.

Track Energy’s owner, Kevin, worked in several engineering roles before starting the business. In his last role, he spent 12 years at DSTO, where he worked in reliability engineering in significant defence roles. These experiences have allowed Kevin to apply the same risk and engineering in the renewable energy world. His experience also allows our company to provide home energy solutions tailored to each customer. Let us help you eliminate your power costs.

Reliable Alpha ESS Battery

We have several battery system options suitable for your home or business, with the Alpha ESS battery being one of the best. Unlike other batteries, the Alpha ESS battery has no additional costs or extra components required for its capability. The battery provides an all-in-one solution, including a hybrid inverter, battery management system, and a storage unit. You can add battery capacity modules to the storage unit. However, the modules are purchased separately. The hybrid inverter allows you to use solar energy directly in your home at the time of creation. The Alpha ESS battery can provide green power to your home or business even during a blackout. If you already have a solar panel and an inverter, you can AC-couple the battery to work harmoniously with your current system. If you are starting from scratch, consider the DC-coupled Alpha ESS battery since you do not need to purchase an additional grid-converter.

Choose the Alpha ESS Battery for Your Solar System

Whether you are still deciding or ready to purchase the Alpha ESS battery, we recommend working with us for proper modelling. With the high cost of electricity, a battery system is the best solution. However, it is not all about the cost but the value you will extract from the battery. The benefits range from storing energy for use at night to reducing demand charges. The warranty for Alpha ESS batteries promises that the batteries will retain a minimum of 80% of their original capacity after ten years. However, you must connect the system to the internet and use the battery for self-consumption only. If you do not connect the system to the internet, the warranty will only cover three years.

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Track Energy continues to offer Clean Energy Solutions to South Australians.

Learn how we can help you invest in the right solar and storage solution for your home or business and take advantage of the Government Grants and Initiatives.

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VPP Platform

45c Solar Feed-in-Tariff

Whether you have solar and storage or would like to add a battery system to your existing solar or maybe starting from scratch with a new Home Energy Solution, Track Energy can offer a 45c Solar Feed-in-Tariff with qualified systems when joined to the VPP platform.

Invest in a Track Energy solution and join the VPP community trading your clean energy with others and receive further income from your investment!

45c Solar Feed-in-Tariff

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What People Are Saying

Solar Choice Reviews


Kevin at Track Energy was the only person who educated me about what I was 'getting in to'. He had lots of ideas about how to achieve what I wanted to do which be as "off grid" as possible in the suburbs and explained what the pros and cons were with each idea. We settled on a system that was not even hinted on by 6 other businesses.

2nd June 2020

Thanks so much, Craig and Melody
Home Owners

Very happy with our Track Energy system.
High quality components, installed with no fuss and very quickly. Good communication with Kevin who was happy to modify the design to our specifications.
Would definitely recommend our system to anyone that's interested.

6th Febuary 2020

Home Owners

Out of the 5 quotes that I got for Solar, Kevin from Track Energy spent the most time on the phone with me, he listened to what I wanted and worked within those parameters. They didn't require a deposit and offered a good time frame for installation.

The installation itself looks flawless to me, no ugly hardware visible, very neat and tidy. The Huawei inverter is a very sleek and small design so it looks very neat a tidy on the wall, it also has good monitoring via an app on my phone.

28th November 2019

Home Owner

Kevin was fantastic to deal with, he listened to what I wanted to achieve and presented a system that was better than I was originally expecting. He provided me with a finance referral and I am now in a position where my loan payments are less than what I was paying fortnightly in electricity and I have a large enough system that I wont get power bills. The system was installed quickly and the installers were prompt, professional and kept the area tidy. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Kevin and Track Energy.

26th August 2019

Home Owner

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