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Solar electricity has become a viable alternative household and business power solution. Using Solar Panels installed in the appropriate location to produce photovoltaic (PV) energy can provide enough energy to power your needs and feed to the existing electricity power grid so you get paid for the power you generate.

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Did you know there are many advantages of going solar. Now is the ideal time to make a difference to the environment (and your pocket) by installing a grid connected solar system.

Once your initial investment is paid for then energy you produce is FREE. Excess that you do not use is exported back into the grid and your electrical retailer will then pay you for the power.

All this from a virtually free power source, the sun.

The Environmental benefits of going solar are huge. During the life your solar system which is 25 years plus you will be harnessing clean energy from the sun. That means an overall reduction of your carbon foot print. At the same time you will be reducing or abolishing you electricity bill completely.

As Electricity suppliers are gearing up for their prices rises you will have peace of mind knowing you are in control of your own energy costs.

So it’s simple, help the environment and reduce your costs it makes dollars and sense.

Time Lapse of a 4kW Solar System installed by Track Energy

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How PV Solar Works

How PV Solar Works